Who we are.

Razor Learning was founded as a consulting practice in 2007 by Rob Pannoni and Grant Ricketts, two learning industry veterans who specialize in enterprise learning strategy, organizational best practices, innovative learning approaches and using technology to drive real world performance improvement.

Today, Razor Learning serves as an information resource promoting best practices for learning leaders and practitioners.

Rob Pannoni
Rob Pannoni

Rob Pannoni was co-founder and COO of Sera Learning Technologies, a startup out of Stanford University that provided learning technology research, instructional programs and consulting to educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies. He has since led learning organizations at Mercury Interactive (now HP software), Saba, Alcatel Lucent/Genesys, InsideView and Contentful.

In addition to leading learning teams, Rob has conducted learning research, run profitable learning businesses, managed customer-facing learning and support teams, provided business consulting to educational startups and designed successful learning technology platforms.

Across these many roles, one constant has been a focus on understanding the complex set of factors that lead to widespread user-adoption, high user-engagement and real world behavior change.

Grant Ricketts
Grant Ricketts

Grant Ricketts was part of the management team that founded Saba in 1997. The company had a successful IPO in April 2000 and today employs over 700 people serving over 1,200 customers worldwide.

During his ten year tenure at Saba, Grant introduced Learning Governance as a discipline for the industry. He co-authored the industry’s first white paper on the subject, “Governing the Learning Organization in an Era of Strategic Human Capital Management,” and speaks frequently on the topic at industry conferences.

Prior to Saba, Grant worked at Sybase and Oracle, where he developed expertise around emerging internet technologies and enterprise systems planning and adoption. Having started his career in advertising, he understands the key role that marketing and communications plays in engaging people, building consensus and driving organizational change.


Grant and Rob shared a broad range of insights, industry examples and expertise into what the real challenges are in building alignment and governing the learning function across different organizational groups. This was very helpful input for us in defining our strategy to migrate to a new shared services model for learning”

David Cavanaugh, Cisco

The governance model and process they use is excellent at uncovering areas of risk and where to focus on improving the alignment of different learning teams and processes. I used it to help roll out a more integrated learning program across our global manufacturing operation with over 28,000 people.”

Walt Eldridge, Fortune 100 energy company

Your presentation was right on the money. The Board has been working hard over the last couple of years to get programming that speaks to the issues facing senior level corporate learning types and your presentation is just what the doctor ordered.”

John Darling, ASTD

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best learning programs are built on the following tenets. Learning should be…